Conoce Tu Nivel De Inglés

Examen de Ubicación de Inglés en General

Responde las siguientes preguntas:

She ___________ she would leave her husband the following week.


I _______ in love with my best friend.


Mario, can I _______ your pen? I need it!


I will ____________ smoking because it is unhealthy.


The plane will take off at 3 p.m. and will ___________ at 4 p.m.


Yesterday I __________ shopping with my school friends.


Sorry I don’t know _________________.


Is your daughter still talking ______ the phone?


Your parents ____ have been proud when you won first prize in the science fair.


My sister __________ to work.


Where ___________ when you were younger?


What ___________ if you could fly?


That guy is ___________ in the class.


My neighbors _______ a massive car.


___________ any emails lately?


I would like to ___________ 2 million dollars from my account.


_______________ money do you have right now?


Oscar ________ in Australia for 4 years.


We ____ travel a lot when I was young. We didn’t have much money.

Joe doesn’t listen, he just does ____ he wants.

I’m hungry. I ________ a sandwich.


I ________ a weird noise outside.


Do you think we have _____ food? I just want to be sure we have _____ for everyone.


You should _______ the dog at least 3 times a day.

I don’t like violence, it’s ____.

She has got 3 sisters and 2 brothers. So she has 5 __________.


I have a great job. I _______ about 300.000 dollars a year.


Why _________________ at the moment?


I wish _________ have more time to share with my family.


Alex ____________ anything about the accident.


He ______ every day.


My father __________ 50 years old. He is still young.


Where _________ from?


We need to get a _________ from the bank.

We are meeting at 6 o’clock to ____ a drink.

Andrew ________ tall.


I love you ________ we were children.


If I had known about his situation, I _____________ him.


Seriously, she ________________ me earlier.


She is going to have a baby. So she is _____________.


This movie is a lot _________ than that one.


Did you ________ the tickets online?


The cats, __________ were scared, ran to the kitchen.

If you want to go to the museum, you must ____ at the next stop.

_______________ any onions in the fridge?

I ____ finished my homework. I did it yesterday.

In some countries students have to ___________ a uniform for school.


_______ guys at home last night?


Tell me about your brother. What is _____ name?

We ____ by the time you get back from work.

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